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Building a Strong Foundation

Give your child the best early education at St. John’s Early Literacy Preschool. We firmly believe in an early childhood curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for the preschool children in our care.


 We provide children with an environment saturated with books and print of all kinds and model for them a love of reading and the power of the printed word.


Our science center is filled with interesting items that invite your child to explore: leaves, seeds, bones, magnets, magnifying glasses, rocks, shells and reference materials. Children’s curiosity is also ignited during weekly classroom science experiments.


Activities centered around music, singing, rhyming, riddles and manipulation of words and sounds help children develop an ear for language.

Social Skils

Most of our preschool activities will in one way or another give your child experience following a daily schedule, working within a group, taking turns, following directions and navigating the complicated world of preschool play.

Physical Education

We uphold the physical development of children as vital in helping each child reach his or her learning potential.

Click Here to learn more about our Minds-In-Motion program!


We work on patterns, number recognition, counting, one-to-one correspondence, writing numbers and other math concepts involving classification, comparisons, and measurements.


Our preschool will devote specific time each day to your child’s physical development. Your child will participate in a fun and interactive program called MINDS-In-Motion. MINDS-In-Motion. is a maze designed to stimulate large and small motor skills, develop eye-hand coordination and improve children’s balance, general coordination and body control.

During the course of the school year, the maze grows to nearly 30 different activities that focus on motor development and sensory integration. This emphasis on movement and the integration of the senses is critical for the overall development of children’s minds and bodies for optimal growth and learning.


Learn more about the science behind MINDS-In-Motion.

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